Media Art

Postcolonial Postcard series. See full project here

Dear White Europe: collaboration with digital media artist Hanna Mikosch, December 2016 (released February 2017)

A collaborative poetry and movement project filmed and conceptualized by Hanna Mikosch entitled no somos animales (we are not animals), June 2016

  • In this video Teju combines her poetry with her sister’s singing and a beat by QC Muzik to produce Feelings (2015).
  • A recording of Teju’s poem Poivre Noir
  • Here is a video of Teju performing poetry with a fellow poet in 2010 at Wesleyan University.
  • Teju appeared in a short documentary entitled “What is Green?” in 2009. The 5-minute film talks about what ‘going green’ and sustainability are. It was targeted at youth in the San Francisco Bay Area.