2016_06_22-teju-adisa-farrar-1Teju Adisa-Farrar is a writer/poet and urban geographer. One of eight Ashram Activist Fellows for 2017-2018, she is currently completing her thesis for her 4Cities Erasmus Mundus Masters in Urban Studies. Living in four European cities over the past two years she conducts research on Black artists and activists, exclusion, subaltern communities, geographies of Blackness, transnational Blackness, and city culture initiated by people of African descent as well as other post-colonial communities. Teju is the Creative Director of World Unwrapped, which is a platform for constructing other urban narratives and uplifting global perspectives. She spends her time doing research, performing poetry, doing collaborative projects, and writing. 


4Cities UNICA (the Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe)
Erasmus Mundus Masters of Science: Urban Studies, 2017
National University of Ireland, Galway
Erasmus/Study Abroad: Political Science & Sociology and Research, 2010-2011
Wesleyan University
Bachelors of Arts: Sociology and Social-Critical Theory Program, 2013


  • Social Activist Award for leadership in social activism and working for constructive social change; Wesleyan University, April 2011
  • Limbach Prize for thoughtful contribution to social and community service for the Middletown and Wesleyan community; Wesleyan University, April 2011
  • Alumni Council Prize, to conduct a summer research project in Panama City, Panama that examined West Indian heritage among Panamanians; Wesleyan University,  June-July 2011
  • Marcus Foster Scholarship for Merit and Excellence; August 2009
  • One Hundred Black Women Scholarship for Excellence; July 2009

*Artist bio and CV upon request