In between Things, 2012: A self-published anthology with work from Teju’s last two of years of high school and first two years of college. In Between Things is compromised of non-fiction pieces, poetry, and essays that document Teju’s growth from the first part of her young adult life.

Teju published this raw and honest prose as a personal expression of her continuing growth and a testament to the beginning of her adult life. Although more work could be done to make the book more editorially sound, sometimes done is better than perfect. Find it here.

ProudFlesh, 2013: Teju has two poems published in a special issue of ProudFlesh, “Caribbean Women.” This special edition, Issue 8, was guest edited by her mother Opal Palmer Adisa. Her poems are entitled ‘Carib Woman’ and ‘Caribbean Affirmation.’ You can find this issue on their website.

The Other Side of the Post Card, 2005: Teju was first published at the age of 12 in an anthology edited by Devorah Major entitled “The Other Side of the Post Card.” Her poem is entitled ‘What is Peace?’ She first performed this poem at the San Francisco Public Library in early 2005. Get this anthology.