Creative Work

Friktion Magasin Issue 14 BØLGER (Waves), 2017: Review entitled“Who teaches us how to love? A reading of Tiphanie Yanique’s debut novel Land of Love and Drowning.” See below for information about this publication. Available here

Friktion Magasin for køn, krop og kultur, Issue 12 BODIES Skabt | Samarbejde med FedFront, 2017: Prose poem entitled – “Meditation on Being: A Black Female Body.” FRICTION is a new magazine about sex, body and culture, which will bridge the gap between gender research and the world outside the university walls. Our ambition is to become a serious alternative in a sometimes inappropriate Danish sexual and gender debate. Available here.

to belong, 2017: a digital chapbook from Teju’s time in nature and while in Israel/Palestine. “to be Black in nature is to be both a monument and a revelation. to consume less is both activism and ecological self-preservation. to travel is to look at yourself naked in the mirror. to discover, explore, and open up is to liberate deeply hidden pathologies.” Download and read for free here.

Interviewing the Caribbean Volume 2: A History of Violence Part 1, 2016: Teju has two poems in the second issue of Interview the Caribbean, with the theme ‘Violence.’ Her two poems reference both historical and present instances of experiential violence. The poems are entitled: ‘A Repeated History’ and ‘A Mouth Full.’ The poems are a pair and best read as Part I and Part II.

Spirit Wind Poetry Gallery, 2015: Teju has three poems published in the inaugural exhibition of this online poetry gallery. This online poetry space is a new vision for the presentation of poetry in this millennium. While technology has perhaps alienated face-to-face communication, it was only a matter of time before poetry began to populate this technology with a meaningful form of artistic communication that has the potential to make one feel less alone within the human condition. Read the poems here.

Fame, Money, Power Not Required!, 2015: This mother and two-daughter team, Opal, Shola & Teju, have presented a lifestyle guide that is concise and wise, packed with personal insights, anecdotes and commonsense. Fame, Money, Power, Not Required! is an important reminder, especially in this era when media and advertisements seem to be saying otherwise. These Adisa women, representing different generations know and live their truth with a positive outlook, their individual talents and thirst for adventure.

searching to find home, 2014: A digital poetry collection in which Teju tackles a question that she has struggled with and continues to do so: what is home? She looks at the idea of home through the lens of schooling & education, vulnerability, and borrowing. This book is currently only available in a digital format in the Amazon Kindle Store.

ProudFlesh, 2013: Teju has two poems published in a special issue of ProudFlesh, “Caribbean Women.” This special edition, Issue 8, was guest edited by her mother Opal Palmer Adisa. Her poems are entitled ‘Carib Woman’ and ‘Caribbean Affirmation.’ You can find this issue on ProudFlesh’s website.

In between Things, 2012: A self-published anthology with work from Teju’s last two of years of high school and first two years of college. In Between Things is compromised of non-fiction pieces, poetry, and essays documenting Teju’s growth during the first part of her young adult life. Teju published this raw and honest prose as an expression of her continuing growth. Although more work could be done to make the book more editorially sound, sometimes done is better than perfect. Buy it here.

The Other Side of the Post Card, 2005: Teju was first published at the age of 12 in an anthology edited by Devorah Major entitled The Other Side of the Post Card. Her poem is entitled ‘What is Peace?’ She first performed this poem at the San Francisco Public Library in early 2005 alongside Devorah Major and other renown poets. Get this anthology.

Academic Scholarship

[MA Thesis] Geographies of a Transnational Urban Black Consciousness Through Artists and Activists: Mapping Self-Directed Blackness in Vienna, Brussels, and Oakland (2017)
Download here:  Geographies of Blackness

[Synopsis] Deconstructing Banality in Modern Literature and Urbanity: Users as Producers of the Trivial City in the case of Sophie Calle and George Perec (2016)
Download here: Deconstructing Banality

Documenting Jazz Through Photography: How Images of Jazz Continue the Visual Legacy of the Black Experience in the African Diaspora (2013, updated notes 2016)
Download here: Documenting Jazz

The Fourth World: Discussing Theories of Nationalism and Ethnicization in Ireland In the Case of The Travellers (2012)
Download here: The Fourth World